The love for fragrance, the passion for beauty and the highest standards are in our DNA.


Yvonne Fischer


In her many years of working for a leading global fragrance manufacturer, founder Yvonne has not only gained extensive expertise in the world of fragrances, but also profound industry knowledge on home care products.

As a sales expert, the customer’s needs are always at the center of Yvonne’s attention. That’s why many years ago she came up with the idea to regard the cleaning products of this world with the dedication, they deserve and closing a market gap along the way.
After all, the ideal cleaning product requires a highly complex formula, which is gentle to skin and environment as well as powerful for shiny and clean results.
Well versed in the world of fragrances, Yvonne wanted to unite separate worlds. The goal was clear: cleaning products had to be completely redefined along with their fragrances.

Every part of the product needs to be outstanding.


Dr. Matthias Schulze

Research & Development

With more than 20 years of experience in developing home- and personal- care formulas, Matthias is just the man for the job. What started out as a supplier – customer relationship turned into a dear friendship over the years.

“How would you formulate the best fabric detergent base in the world?,” was Yvonne’s question that sealed the future for Matthias at Feinwerk.
Balancing mild and of course sustainable ingredients without having to compromise on cleaning performance is a challenge Matthias takes on with dedication.


Jan Fockenbrock

Fragrance Creation

Feinwerk can also draw on a wealth of experience when it comes to perfume creation. With stations in Singapore, Amsterdam, New York and Munich, Jan is a true globetrotter when it comes to fragrances.

His approach of reducing the fragrance to its essence and at the same time living up to the brand’s values gives his creations a high recognition value. Like this Jan created Feinwerk’s olfactive identity and signature.
During a meeting in Tribeca (New York), Yvonne and Jan pondered over the Feinwerk project and found a surprising inspiration. The idea for the distinctive fragrances was born.


Florian Arva


As a team member of the early hour, Florian is the creative head of Feinwerk. As a photographer with 25 years of experience, he is not only the mastermind behind all photos, but also involved in all creative processes. His sense for aesthetics and design as well as his unswervering confidence in Feinwerk is a pillar, Feinwerk has been built on since the early stages.

In collaboration with designer Philipp (www.philippguenther.de), the Feinwerk product design emerged step by step.
The refined, recyclable plastic in combination with genuine wood elements made from bamboo combine aesthetics and functionality to a statement piece.

Logo, web design and the entire brand presence were created by the renowned Fargo Studios (www.fargostudios.de), who not only support Feinwerk with their expertise, but also with their experience and enthusiasm.


Feinwerk-Collection is based in Hamburg and manufactures their products in Germany for enthusiastic customers all over the world.
A start-up that has united professionals with decades of experience, who work with passion and at with the highest standards on the mission to develop a cleaner collection that is outstanding in all its components: From fragrance to formulas and product design to branding. With nothing less will Feinwerk be ever content.